How to pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

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How to pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

My way to AWS Solutions Architect

Aiming to learn how to learn topics to become a Solutions Architect, I found this valuable information.

All credit to Trew Spires, Tech with Lucy, and Ali Abdaal

First, define the scope

  • Create a study plan. Read through the official exam guide. It will provide you with individual weightings of the main topic areas.

  • Choose resources to use. Udemy courses, practice exams on tutorial dojo or Udemy.

  • Block out time to study. According to your expertise, the following could be a good plan: 5 weeks, 5 days per week, 2hsrs/day

0 Years Exp (Complete Noob)1-5 Yrs Exp. (Knows a thing or two)5+ Yrs Exp. (Knows a lot of things)
3 Months2 Months1 Month
~2hrs per day~2hs per day~2hs per day
Lots of hands-on to reinforce unfamiliar conceptsModerate hands-on in new conceptsHands-on only where conceptual knowledge is lacking

Second, active listening

  • Watch videos from the course

  • Take notes of the key points

This step is quite simple: watch a video, write some notes, and repeat the process. And at the end of each study session review the notes you've written to consolidate your knowledge.

Third, get hands-on

  • Apply your knowledge through hands-on labs

  • Play around with AWS services

Most of the recommended resources, all come with interactive tutorials that help you navigate through the AWS console and use the services.

Also, it recommended gaining more experience through AWS workshops.

Fourth, Re-inforcing

  • Do practice questions/tests

  • Consolidate what you've learned

For questions you don't answer correctly: 📖 Review them! and make sure understand them before the real exam.


Study tips

  • Find opportunities for immersion. We learn best in the environment we use that skill.

  • Test yourself.

  • Figure out what your weak links are. Focus on knowledge gaps and which AWS services you weren't familiar with. Take a mock exam to see where the gaps are.

  • Overlearning is not the best option. It would be better to understand the reasons behind why things are in the way they are.

  • Teach what you're trying to learn.

Closing thoughts

  • Study hard... but not TOO hard / Study SMART, not hard

  • The less XP you have, the more hands-on you need

  • LOTS of overlap with other Associate Certs.

  • Be kind to yourself